Web-Based Parish Management System
All-in-one Parish Management Software



Online Registration

Existing and new parishioners can register using an online registration process as part of the web-based parish management system. This process captures most of the important and relevant information of every parishioner and store in a secure database. Online registration process makes it easier for parishes to encourage their parishioners filling and submitting their details using a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone.

Online registration is a very simple way of obtaining parishioner information to create parishioner profiles and manage them within the parish and the diocese.

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Electronic Sacramental Registers

Built-in Sacrament Management module allows you to dynamically create sacrament types your parish needs. This module comprises many features such as store sacramental information, quick searching and generate sacrament registers. All these functions can be used online without any time/location restriction.

Accessing sacramental information is not limited to parishes, it also available via diocesan module for parish-wise reports.

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Family Grouping

Connect individual parishioners and make a family group is one of the key features of this online parish management system. Easy access to this feature enable you to view families in one go. Hierarchical view of family members gives an option to add/remove members to/from an existing family structure.

Family groups should be created and managed by parishes, but the detailed information can be accessed via the diocesan module.

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Dynamic Reporting

Equipped with a strong dynamic reporting feature. You can obtain various reports within the parish, and also though the diocesan module. Every report can be customised according to the data requirements. All reports generates as PDF, but can be downloaded as Ms-Word and Ms-Excel.

As the most essential feature, you can view your parish information in various angle by fetching reports dynamically online.

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Online Giving

Integrated Online Giving feature enables your parish to receive donations very securely from anywhere in the world, at any time. You can create your own donation category (such as Church roof repair, Pipe organ fund or for any activity you may wish to collect donations) and monitor collections and number of online givers.

Online giving form can easily be linked to your parish website, blogs or any social networking site that makes it easy for your members to give donations for your Church’s needs.

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