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About Parishvision

We are a UK Based Software Development Company founded in 2009. Our vision is to develop a web-based parish management systems with all essential features to organise and manage parishioners by utilising the latest technologies.

Our all-in-one parish management system that empowers your parish with most important features you need to manage your parishioners more effectively. Integrated online registration process of the system makes it easier for the Church staff to collect parishioner information without any time/location restriction.

With the current advancements of the technology we believe that the Churches should move their paper-based administrations to paperless technologies that enable their parishes to provide an efficient service to its parishioners and staff. Our parish management system allow users to access information from anywhere at any time that helps church management to make decisions without being in an office physically.


Statistical Dashboard

The dashboard contains statistical information about Parishioners, Special talents, Sacraments and Attendance. This works as a top-level centralized information display providing an overall picture of the Parish information.

Summarized statistical information on the dashboard helps church administrators and priests to make top-level decisions very quickly.

All statistical information can be made available for the diocesan module under the parish authorization.

Online Registration

Online registration process can be used if you wish to become a parishioner, or provide your personal and other information to the church.

As part of this online registration process you will be asked to provide and confirm your personal details, special talents you have and areas of interest.

Note: Our data security is compliant with national requirements.

Parishioner Management

This module enable the church administrators to electronically store parishioner information and retrieve them when required. Personal details, contact information, special talents, sacramental information, online donations details and general/confidential notes are centrally accessible via this module.

Parishioner status also managed by this module helping administrators to identify regular and no-regular attendees etc.

Create Parishioner Families

Parish Module has a built-in feature that allows you to create a family of a parishioner and add family members. Family members can be assigned to a household role and mark the main contact of the family.

With the support of this feature you can simply obtain reports regarding families of your parish using their surnames or postcodes.

Capture Special Talents

Parish module allows parishioners to select special skills they have as part of the online registration process. This feature is available for the parish administrators to select on behalf of parishioners who register via the church office.

Main aim of this feature is to identify skilled people in the parish when the church needs them to participate events or activities.

General/Confidential Notes

This feature is designed to store notes on Parishioner files and mark them as general or confidential. General notes can be read by any staff who logs in to the system (Read-Only basis). Confidential notes can only be accessed by the staff who added them.

Both general/confidential noted can only be edited or deleted by the person who created.

Mark Attendance

Parishioner attendance can be recorded for a pre-created event or a new event. Every attendance record is linked to an event type, such as Sunday Service, Christmas Day, Easter Day etc. to easily identify attendees of a particular event.

Attendance are marked as headcounts with a breakdown of Age, Gender and Parishioner Type.

Attendance information can be made available for the diocesan module under the parish authorization.

Dynamic Events Calendar

Dynamic events calendar allows you to setup a fully functional church calendar with many options. You can choose any color pattern to display your events at the front. Events can be set to repeat in various sequences.

Events calendar has two separate sections, general and upcoming. You can simple select daily, weekly or monthly to filter your results.

Events calendar can easily be embedded to your website if you would like it to be on your own domain.

Online Donations

This built-in online donations module lets you create any number of donation schemes and connect to any number of bank accounts via PayPal. It is very simple to use and you are not required to have technical skills to get this set-upped.

Many donation schemes can be linked to a single bank account or you can have individual bank account to get donations if you wish to.

As a most secured and trusted payment gateway PayPal is playing a major role in this module so we can assure the data security and payment security at all times.

Sacrament Registers

Built-in sacrament registers allow you to record sacramental information of your parishioners. You can simply create your own certificates using Microsoft word and use integrated merge variables to display relevant information when printing certificates.

Existing certificates can also be uploaded to the system for future references.

All sacramental information can be made available for the diocesan module under the parish authorization.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting module enable you to get many different types of reports instantly with just a few clicks. This built-in tool provides you a faster and efficient way to retrieve your data on to customized reports.

You can view your stored information using this reporting tool in many different angles when you need to make top-level decisions within the parish.

For example; Special talents report helps the church to find people with different skills and call them to take part in church activities.


You can retrieve statistical information about your parish using the over-all information stored in the database. Built-in statistical information tool gives you a simple approach to view your statistical data on graphs and get them printed if needed. Also you can simply export them an excel spreadsheet.

Statistical information tool helps the church administrators and priests to make top-level decisions based on data.

All statistical information can be made available for the diocesan module under the parish authorization.


What We Offer

Unlimited Space

We provide unlimited space for every Parish Module. This means you can store all the Parishioners and their details electronically.

With this unlimited space facility you can enter your historical data into the system without any restriction. Scanned documents can also be uploaded without any limit.

Free Responsive CMS based Website with every parish module

FREE Responsive CMS-Based Website With Every Parish Module.

This website includes Parish Vision feature integrations (Online Registration Form, Online Donations Form and Events Calendar) .

Free Diocesan Module

We provide Parish Vision Diocesan Module completely Free of Charge.

Diocesan administrators can centrally access all Parishes connected to diocesan module via parish modules. This connection can only be established under the parish authorizations. .

Hosted in Cloud

For better performance and higher availability Parish Vision is hosted in the Cloud Servers. Our data security is compliant with national requirements.

Free Regular Updates with New Features

We add new features to both Parish and Diocesan modules regular basis with no additional costs.

Every client will be automatically updated and notified when the new features are released.

24/7 Support

We are committed to support our clients and provide them with further training 24/7

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